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About Us

Who we are

Kalrok Innovations Nigeria Ltd. is a renewable energy company specializing in solar power systems, energy storage solutions, biomass electricity generation, and waste to energy plant. As Nigeria continues to crave constant and uninterrupted power supply, there is the need to look into technologies specifically renewable sources to provide electricity at a low cost to the populace, particularly to rural residences which constitute greater share of the population without access to power.

 We recognize energy is a powerful engine of growth, it creates the social economic oppurtunities, increased productivity and competitiveness that are essential to the modern economy. Electricity is no longer a luxury but a vital aspect of everyday life. Our commitment is to deliver reliable, sustainable and affordable solutions for our customers. This customer-centric approach is achieved by going the extra mile to unlock value through our strategic partnership with tier-one manufacturers 



To deliver reliable, sustainable and affordable solar solutions to every household.



To be the leading provider of clean energy at affordable costs to everyone.

Core Values

Core Values

Integrity, Innovation, Quality and Customer commitment

We are an environmentally conscious renewable energy company that offers the most eco-friendly, cost-efficient and high-energy generating products and solutions on the solar panels market!


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