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Our Services

Free Consultation

Let us provide you with the newest innovation in solar technology. Take advantage of our FREE Consultation for all your residential and commercial projects

Energy Audit & Management

The first step towards achieving the best energy management practice (system) is conducting an energy audit to establish ways of saving energy as a means (in order) to significantly reduce your energy cost.
Our experienced team will conduct and implement the recommendations of the energy audit, and assist the customer with best solutions to achieve optimum energy management with a view to improve energy efficiency.


We design solar system with quality components for optimal performance to meet your energy needs.


Our installations are certified and equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle all your residential and commercial installations.

Battery Recycling

Batteries contains heavy metals and toxic chemicals which can contaminate the soil and pollute our water. We will pay for your scrap/used batteries and ensure that the batteries are recycled and disposed of properly.

We are an environmentally conscious renewable energy company that offers the most eco-friendly, cost-efficient and high-energy generating products and solutions on the solar panels market!


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